Google mixes things up with new look Blogger

Google mixes things up with new look Blogger

We’re not kidding you, for the first time since 1999 Google have done something about the ever declining Blogger platform. We say, it’s about time really, because Blogger was starting to look a little more than neglected when it came to the ever expanding list of Google products.

The old format left nothing to the imagination, looked quite mundane and lacked the overall user friendliness of Wordpress and other blogging platforms. Googles apparent disinterest in Blogger was I’m sure a huge contributor to regular bloggers moving to Wordpress.         

One of my first personal blogs was on Blogger; however I have to say I was soon won over by wordpress and their constant updates, and after that I never looked back. The fact that Google have now stepped up and finally looked at Blogger through the eyes of the reader can only be a good thing.

There have been a number of well received updates to the overview of the site, all of which are well overdue.

  • The appearance itself has vastly improved with shiny new graphics, and definitely has a much more user friendly feel to it. According to Google, they have “rewritten the entire editing and management experience from scratch”. Good to hear.
  • Whether you are on the settings page or your dashboard, you can now edit posts or create new entries from either page. The editing area has also been made slightly larger, so you can view your posts, images and videos in their entirety before publishing.
  • By far the best new addition is the ‘Overview’ section in the dashboard – which finally includes built in Google analytics. Now it is beyond me why this wasn’t done years ago, but hindsight is great I guess.

These new changes are being rolled out gradually, so you may not see the difference straight away. Over the next few weeks you will notice an option to move to the new interface. My advice – change as soon as you receive it.

In comparison to Wordpress’s 54% share of the market Google and Blogger are used by just 2.9% of the blogging community. Whilst these changes may not encourage new users just yet, I’m quite sure that it will encourage current users to stick with it for a bit longer. In essence they are telling their users that they haven’t forgotten about them, and are promising further updates and changes in the near future.

With Google + making its mark on Social networking, this new update can only be a good thing. So here’s to Google giving Wordpress some much needed competition, I’m sure that when they have completed all the new updates we will be seeing some shifts in the market share. 

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