Google + Real Time Search

Google - Real Time Search

Since the launch of Google+ in June 2011, the social networking site has become modestly popular amongst internet, IOS, and Android users the world over. To date, there are over fifty thousand active users and the site that started out as just another social networking site is fast becoming more popular and more advanced than some of the other big players. The team members at Google Plus seem to be bringing out new features for the platform at a surprisingly brisk speed (not unlike the super team here at KD Web :) ) Just under one month ago, the team at Google released one of their newest features, "Real Time Search", a support for Hashtags. Whilst most tech savvy individuals understand the technical (complicated version) of Real Time Search and Hashtag features, some wont find this as easy to understand. If you're not sure what you are dealing with when it comes to hashtags and "real time search" then you have come to the right place. I wanted to be informed and up to date with Google Plus’s latest features, so I decided to do some research, and investigate exactly what Real Time Search and Hashtag are used for. Real Time Search has been made as an additional support for Hashtag (a feature on Google that links keywords directly to Google plus). The first feature of Real Time Search allows users to click one of two buttons; the most recent button, or the more recent posts. These buttons allow the Google plus user to search for anything; just as they would using the ordinary Google search engine. What is different about Google Plus Real Time Search, is that it always provides the user with the latest and most recent information. When a user searches his or her chosen topic on this new Google Plus feature, new feeds are continually loading and showing up on the screen as others post them on the internet. New feeds load throughout your whole Google Plus search session, and Google Plus constantly updates the new information until you end the search session. Real Time Search not only continually provides its users with new and up to date information; it is an aid to Hashtags. The keywords that are linked with Hashtags, are integrated with Real Time Search for the most accurate results on the internet. Makers of Google Plus Software claim to have added these two new features to make it easier for individuals to follow and contribute to live events. The improvements made to Google Plus will help to speed up user’s searches and assist them in finding relevant information that is as up to date as tomorrows newspapers. These new changes are exciting, and are not only great for its users, but also open up endless possibilities for what developers are going to come up with next. Google Plus Real Time Search and Hashtags is emerging slowly, but that is not because it isn’t popular. Google Plus is doing well and their popularity with Apple and Android users only helps their case. Today the big guns at Google Plus have made it significantly easier to do comprehensive online research.

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