Internet Marketing and why it's important for your business

Internet Marketing and why it's important for your business

Internet marketing is one of the key ingredients in helping your business to succeed in today’s competitive economy. When you choose to use KD Web and the Internet to market your service or product(s), you are guaranteed to exceed those who use the older and more traditional styles of marketing.

Although advertising your business online does cost money, it costs significantly less than traditional, print marketing. Your business will benefit greatly, if you set aside a modest marketing fund in the company budget. Companies who ignore online marketing are now facing disastrous consequences and realistically could be looking at closing their doors through lack of profits.

There are many advantages that come with using online marketing. Below we have listed just a few.

Savings on traditional print marketing.

Many companies spend thousands a year on printing brochures, leaflets, banners and other printed media. Think of the difference it could make if you could reach an even larger audience with one simple click. By using Social Networks and other online media to their fullest, we can get you tremendous results. Imagine your very own Facebook page or Google + Brand Page! Your message can now reach an audience, which in the past would have cost you tens of thousands and a lot of precious time.

Advertising Cost.

If you decide to take the plunge and opt for promoting your company, service or product online, you can make significant savings on directory listings and other resources that were traditionally used by your customers to search for you. Yes you may have garnered several customers in the past by placing your company listing in the Golden pages or similar, but let me tell you the days of the paper directory are numbered. Plus the costs, again, were ridiculously high for the results you were getting.


Internet marketing not only saves you money, but more importantly it attracts more customers, which in turn will result in more profit. Remember, the Internet is global, and when you chose to advertise your business online, you can target directly the audience and demographics that best suit your business.

Tracking and Interaction.

Unlike newspapers, paper directories and television/radio ads, internet marketing allows you to keep track of numerous stats, such as how many people are checking out your business, and how many of those people are purchasing your company’s products. This information is invaluable and will assist you greatly with future campaigns by helping you to understand your audience. Tracking software allows you to interact with the consumer and understand what it is they are looking for in a product. This enables you to enhance your service and provide the customer with perfection.


Internet marketing is an extremely flexible form of marketing. If you have a variety of products, you can easily make price adjustments, and add information about promotions or sales that might be going on during a particular week or month. Sending out magazines and price lists don’t allow you this kind of flexibility. Instead, you have to wait to adjust prices or send out extra advertisements about promotions, which results in extra costs.

Here at KD Web, we understand Internet Marketing, we understand business and we understand what can make you money. Speak to the team here at KD Web and let us come up with a marketing solution that suits you. Just think of it, this time next year you could be an Internet sensation!

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