Introducing the new Facebook timeline

Introducing the new Facebook timeline

We all know that Facebook has long been the front runner in the social networking arena. The innovation they have shown has set them apart from other would be competitors and it would seem that they aim to continue this trend in the marketplace. Since the site debut, they have incorporated numerous changes and updates to their user interface, most of which were received with great enthusiasm. The majority of these changes were aimed at making the interface more user-friendly whilst other changes were strictly for upgrading security.

The latest addition to the Facebook phenomonen is "Facebook timeline" and this looks set to go down well with both new and veteren Facebook users. Facebook timeline organizes the profile of a user to display their pictures and updates in chronological order and makes for interesting reading. The introduction of timeline makes sharing information hassle free and is very user friendly. Friends can view your updates with ease and follow your Facebook story from beginning to end on one simple page. The new Facebook timeline is due to be rolled out to all users over the next couple of weeks, at the moment it’s just available to those with developer accounts. Here at KD Web we have been taking a keen interest in this new development and we look forward to showing you the best way to make the most of timeline.

It's no coincidence that Facebook timeline was announced around the same time that Google+ opened its doors to all Internet users and has obviously been deployed in order to keep defectors to a minimum. What's good to see though is that Zuckerberg and co. are willing to fight for their users by giving them what they want and it bodes well for the future of the company.

It is however, important to note that with these changes come some security concerns. All updates on your timeline are open and allow your friends to have full access to your information. Lets be honest, not all of you friends on Facebook are actually 'friends', do you really want all and sundry to know the ins and outs of your daily life? Once a user has been confirmed as your friend, they will have immediate access to your timeline and your personal information, as well as historical posts.

In Facebooks favour they seem to have found an answer for this, but you have to dig deep into the settings to find it. There is a feature on the timeline that allows you to restrict access to either yourself or a subset of friends. This increases the security and allows you to restrict access to only individuals you want to access your information.

As with every other new release Facebook has made, there are always going to be those that are not happy. Let’s face it, not everyone likes change! However we reckon that Faceook timeline is here to stay and are happy to embrace it. Check out the KD Web Facebook page and get ready with us to embrace timeline nearer the end of the month!


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