Nyromodal problem embeding video in IE8

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When using nyromodal and embedding a video, here is the problem I encountered when viewing in IE8. When closing the video that was open in nyromodal, sometimes it makes the whole screen black. If you right click on the black area, it indicates that this black area is from flash. 

After some research I found there is a similar (not exactly the same) problem which happened to somebody else and has been reported to the nryomodal team. https://code.google.com/p/nyromodal/issues/detail?id=340#makechanges

The problem is actually caused by a nyromodal filter called "close". When avoid calling this filter, it works correctly. It's not a solution but a work around and it works.

Here is the code:

_close: function(){
this._opened = false;
this._open = false;
//this._callFilters('close'); //this line causes the problem

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