SEO – No Longer a Web Design Afterthought

SEO – No Longer a Web Design Afterthought

In this article there are 2 SEO important points I will be making to help you with your decision to start with search engine optimisation on your site without delay. The first is to make sure proper SEO considerations are taking into consideration when designing and coding a website. The second point is to advise anyone considering using an SEO company to simply avoid delaying things and start immediately with both onsite SEO and offsite SEO, even if you are contemplating a total re-design of your website in the near future.

When a business decides that the time has come to involve SEO companies in its efforts to boost the impact of its website, in some cases, it may be already too late to really push things to their limits and achieve the best possible results. The reason for this is the simple fact that in order to ensure that SEO efforts are able to reach fruition as effectively and quickly as possible, web designers must now include extensive SEO considerations from the very first moment – before the design and coding of the site commences. Or in other words, web designers and SEO companies must offer something of a two-in-one service where both are covered with extensive focus.

There is nothing to say that an SEO campaign courtesy of any of the market’s leading SEO companies (KD Web is one of course) cannot bring great returns, but as with most things in the business world, the earlier the SEO campaign begins – the better. As such, rather than thinking of SEO as an afterthought to come to after the website has been designed and put into place, it is vital to only ever side with web designers that can also offer extensive SEO inclusion from day one.

Given the fact that almost every element in an SEO campaign takes time to mature and begin benefiting the business, it makes perfect sense to say that any delays or procrastination can and will prove expensive. Not only do thousands of new business sites get launched in the UK daily (more competition to deal with) but older sites with SEO in place have a distinct advantage over new sites that get launched. Why can you not compete quickly with older sites that are already listed highly in Google? Simply because the days that a new website could go to an SEO agency and ask them to build a massive amounts of links in the first few months of an SEO campaign is over. You simply cannot do this anymore since the Google Panda and Penguin updates which happened in mid 2012. Google now uses many algorithms to check if link building looks natural or it will penalise the site.

In reality this means that SEO is all about a slow and natural climb up the steps, creating slow linking building but at the same pace every few months – if you start creating too many links at the start to try to speed up results – you will need to keep building hundreds of ‘natural looking’ links month after month – or else you will drop or could get penalised. This type of SEO is simply not physically possible for the average business.

So - the best advice of all is to A) always side with a professional web design agency which is also at the top of the SEO game, and B) Don’t delay – it’s getting harder and harder, and taking longing and longer for new websites to get to the top of the rankings. If you are considering a new website or thinking about starting an SEO campaign for an existing site, contact KD Web who will be happy to help you take the next step.

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