Hey ho, we’re off to Twtrland!

Hey ho, we’re off to Twtrland!

You may not have heard yet, but there’s a great new analytical tool on the market that looks set to change the dynamics of Twitter yet again… and we love anything we don’t have to pay for with a passion!

Enter stage left: ‘twtrland’.

Unless you have been hiding under a hedge for the past 5 years you will know, that Twitter is used by businesses worldwide to promote their brands, products and services. Celebrities use it to assure themselves that they still have what it takes, and well the rest of us follow them. Up until now there has never been a reliable tool available for us to determine quickly, which followers will bring us more business and more credibility.

This new tool from twtrland gives us a wealth of information to help us decide whether a profile is worth following or not. Harsh? Yes, but highly useful.

Simply type the profile name of the twitter account into the search box provided and hit enter, within a second or two you are presented with what we think is a lot of pretty useful information. For example, type in KDwebuk and this is what you get:


  • Number of followers*
  • Number following
  • Tweets
  • How often our tweets get retweeted*
  • How many times we tweet a day 
  • How often we retweet others posts*
  • How often we favourite other posts*
  • How many of our posts have links in them*
  • How many of our posts are plain (without links)

This is pretty darn useful information for anyone who is fussy about who they follow. It’s also extremely useful in determining whether someone could bring you business or not.You will notice I have marked 5 of these stats with an asterisk, well that’s because these are the main points you need to be paying attention to. If you’re looking for maximum exposure then you need someone who is actively tweeting and retweeting to a large audience.

I know if I was building a brand, I would be looking to follow profiles that had thousands of followers and that retweeted others tweets frequently. Just think what kind of exposure this could bring to your business.

Now I know it’s time consuming, you don’t want to be sitting there for hours entering profiles in to twtrland and checking to see if they’re up to your standard, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they this sort out and provide us with a plug-in we can use directly through twitter.

I spent this morning taking a look through twtrland and getting analytics on a number of high profile and very low profile Tweeters.

I couldn’t resist checking out Mr. Twitter himself to see if he really was the epitome of all things Twitter… and well I think they should be paying this guy commission.

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