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How do I buy a domain name from KD Web?

As we offer a fully managed telephone and email service for buying domain names, simply contact us if you require a domain name and we will be happy to both advise you on how it all works and organise the whole domain registration process on your behalf without you having a need for any technical knowledge.

Why should I buy my domains from KD Web?

KD Web offers a 'business class service' and we will be happy to talk you through your needs and give you advice as and when you need it. In short, KD Web offers a personalised service that allows you to telephone us for both pre-sales advice and after sales support. We manage the whole process for you so you do not have to be technical or worry about a thing. Most importantly we write to you AND call you to see if you want to renew your domain names.

We have heard many horror stories of companies that offer loss leader cheap domain names that have complicated control panels and only email their clients once to remind them to renew a few days before expiry, and the email going straight to junk mail and not being noticed, or the client changing their email address throughout that year which resulted in the loss of their domains.

What is our guarantee to you?

  • What you see is what you pay
  • We register in YOUR name, not in ours
  • No membership fees
  • All Nominet/other charges are included
  • All Admin. charges are included
  • Free Technical Support
  • Full support and advice when you need to renew
  • We will attempt to contact you multiple times through various means a few weeks before renewal date so you do not lose your domain to cyber squatters

How much do we charge?

We charge £29 per and and £49 for .com .biz. and .org for our fully managed domain name service. We can offer discounts for large volume domains, so please contact us with your requirements.

Why do I need a good domain name?

The domain name is the most important part of a company's website. Without a good, memorable domain name, people will find it extremely hard to find you in cyberspace after the first visit. 

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UK Domain Names

A domain name is the actual website address. This is what you will be printing on your business cards, or informing your clients of. It’s the “”.We can register any UK domains.
Determining your business’ domain name is a vital part of the “going online” process. You can choose lots of different extensions for domain names. If you want a domain name then that would be best for a UK company. Domain names UK will be good but a .com domain name is also good. So you have decided you want to buy a domain name. Search for avalaibel domains with us.

Domains UK

There are hundreds of different domains extensions, each relevant to their country or organisation. Also, you maye us well buy from us if you want domain names london. For instance four of the most well-known domain name extensions are; .com .net and .org, however there are many more, each relating to its country, eg. would be a domain registered for a website in Belgium for instance. of course UK domain names is for the UK so you can get all sorts of cheap domains and not so cheap domain names. KD Web offer a managed domain companies so let us help you there for domain names companies. Most would be UK domains though.

There are also .ac and .edu, these domains are for websites representing academic institutions. or even .gov domain for government agency domains.