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It's no secret that social networks have a great impact on modern society. Whatever the field of activity we may not interested; however we are constantly confronted with the need to use web services. That is why, every company and organisation should carry out a competent job in social networks, and a key success factor in this case is the deliberate and timely filling of the site to date information. This has long been an oracle for the successful existence in business and for direct access to a variety of news sources in everyday life. But, it should be noted that social networks are not too different from that of classic marketing or traditional ways of communication. Accordingly, it is necessary to take into account the time-tested business strategies that will help ensure your company's most effective progress in the social networking arena.

Please note the following important guidelines:

1. Know your audience:

One of the most important rules of marketing is: Lie, Joke!! Decide who and why you are interested in making contact, therefore, emphasise being:

Know your audience - for whom it is you are sending information to, and what is it you are looking to achieve.

Understanding who could be a potential client plays a very important role, once you know what they want to hear from you, advertising through social networks can prove to be a very powerful and pretty instant a tool.

Expand your audience – not by stuffing them with food, but by the active use of resources help the social network to communicate with the people around, which until recently seemed completely out of reach. For a start, you can conduct a simple tracking of activity of interest to your audience, and later - become a full member of that new community.

2. Carefully plan the development of your content:

Think carefully about your own theme or topic for discussion, which will save precious time: do not waste your efforts to rewrite the existing information/content you have already displayed - create new information.

Also, do not forget that you want to appeal to a mass audience. What does this mean? For example, your organisation has been developing software for the education sector. Accordingly, the most effective your internet communication with students of schools / colleges / universities will be in key periods of the school year, for example, in September. In other words, place the information on the site, not only for it to be there for the sake of being there, but in the relevant areas that people will see. Think over what time is the best to supply the material required and why.

Also, place the material on the site in doses. Take care to insure the published material is semantic content, relevant and complementary.

3. Use everything you know about marketing techniques for effective promotion in social networks:

In fact, there are many ways to help make the process of "conquest" of web space simpler:

- Working on site content must be based on the classic marketing rules, rather than in isolation from them;

- Always keep track of how effective the promotion of your advertising on the networks really is (for example, dose the audience actively discuss any published articles about your company, etc.).

Thus, it appears that social networking provides great opportunities to control the users. But the question is: what exactly do you want to control?

Let all your actions be meaningful. Suppose you want to get a certain number of readers to your Twitter page. In this instance, it is clearly important to understand exactly which audience you are addressing, and what you want it to convey.

4. Do not be alone:

To build the processes to actively promote your company in the social networks, by using various marketing innovations, you must try as much as possible to offer potential customers a unique PR-stock and special offers. Remember that your website - is a kind of private TV channel, covering a mass audience.

Use the following:

- Use more than one, but several best for your business communications in the social networks. Such a comprehensive approach will help make the process of moving the most holistic advertising. Perhaps you have already developed one proven method of interaction with Internet users. We agree that it is very convenient, but, at the same time, such limitations and predictability can lead to inefficient outcomes. So, be creative and resourceful.

- Finally, do not be like some organisations that are filling the Internet space with undefined goals!

Our next example is a company that produces printed products, the management of which has set a goal to establish business contacts with local firms. In this regard, their official Twitter page has been transferred into a marketing agency; they have developed a system of forums in which there is a variety of discussions on economic issues affecting the printing industry. Indeed, a good publicity stunt, which attracted a large number of readers, and therefore potential customers.

5. Do not forget that communication in social networks should be made for two:

Full communion - is always a dialogue. A social network can help make Internet communication with the target audience, and open to discussion.

In contrast to the usual one-way transfer of information to the listener (audience), here you have the opportunity to build up its engagement with the audience in a way that will always be aware of what response triggered your promotion.


The famous phrase "knowledge - is power" - now has another meaning. Yes, potential customers want to see your professionalism. But in practice, this means that what they are looking for is not only a confirmation of the fact that you have some kind of knowledge, but the most important thing, you know how to properly dispose of them. Effective use of available information is the active force in the modern world.

Written by Nic Cohen – Head of Online Marketing at KD Web - London Web Designers


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