Google + Games = $$$$

Google + Games = $$$$

Google + Games is currently being rolled out throughout Europe and the likelihood is you already have been upgraded. Take a look at the top of your G+ bar and you will see a new icon right next to the circles tab. This is the games area. If you still can’t see the icon, fear not, it’s on the way. The games module is being rolled out at quite a fast rate, so you should be seeing it within the week.

 google games iconWhilst I’m not a big gamer, I do understand the attraction, and I am sometimes partial to a game of Bejewelled Blitz with a cup of coffee in the morning.

What I don’t like about playing games of any kind on Facebook, is the constant barrage of updates or ‘noise’ that fills up my news feed on a daily basis. I Really don’t want to know if you need someone to water your crops or if you have answered a question about me that needs to be ‘unlocked now’, nor do I really care what level you have reached playing with imaginary fish in an imaginary tank.. don’t even get me started on Poker or Pool!

This is where G+ come into their own, you don’t see any updates whatsoever in your news stream. Hallelujah!! Simply click on the games icon and play your games, no need to upset anyone. Now if you’re a huge gaming fan and actually want to see these updates, perhaps you’re keeping an eye on a game that has multiple players. No problem, you just click on the ‘Game Notification’ link and hey presto! This feature alone sells gaming on G+ for me.

Google+ for Games

At the moment, Google + is featuring just 16 games, all of them popular and running like clockwork. They are also sending invites to developers at the moment for applications so watch this space.

Google Games

Without Zynga, PopCap and a number of other game development companies, Facebook games would never have reached the phenomenal levels they’re at now. Whilst it may be a bit of a facepalm for the guys at Facebook, I’m sure G+ are over the moon to have these 2 gaming giants on board.

Games available to date are the one and only Angry Birds, Bejewelled Blitz, Bubble Island, City of Wonder, Collapse! Blast, Crime City, Diamond Dash, Dragon Age Legends, Dragons of Atlantis, Edge World, Flood-it, Monster World, Sudoku, Wild Ones, Zombie Lane and Zynga Poker.

So what comes after G+ games then? I know G+ Music is only available in the U.S. at the moment but I reckon it would be a welcome addition to the party over here in Europe too. Time will tell. Google have stated there will be a number of add-ons to G+ before the year is out, so I wait with baited breath, as I’m sure are Mr. Zuckerberg and Co.

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