KD Web – Specialist web designers to the NHS and to London's private hospitals

KD Web – Specialist web designers to the NHS and to London's private hospitals

Over the past 15 years the name KD Web has become synonymous with integrity and top quality web design. Let us tell you why, and more importantly let us explain why this is particularly true in the healthcare sector.

A little over 15 years ago, KD Web opened its doors on Harley Street and began its journey to understanding what was vital to the healthcare industry’s growth. Of course, being situated in Harley Street meant that we were surrounded by some of the most prominent clinics, doctors and hospitals in the country, it also meant that we developed an acute understanding of just how important the internet would become to these establishments.

As KD Web grew, so did the doctors and clinics in Harley Street and their attentions were turned to how best interact with their patients and with each other in the digital age. Enter KD Web. What we have learned over the past 15 years is invaluable. We have worked hand in hand with every aspect of the healthcare sector designing websites for hospitals, branding clinics, building online software applications to manage patients and much more. Perhaps it was our close proximity that drew them to us, but it was our drive, focus and attention that kept us there.

Now more than anyone, we understand the importance of working efficiently with the NHS and Private Hospitals across London and the UK, and we have the medical practices of the healthcare industry in Harley Street to thank for this. These guys do such humbling work, much of it thankless and it is our privilege to play our part in some small way.

Our expertise in the Healthcare sector has made us one of the most sought healthcare web designers in the UK. The team at KD Web has now reached 25 highly skilled, personable individuals. These team members are just as dedicated as we were 15 years ago and continue to provide the NHS and private hospitals across the UK with fresh dynamic websites, online solutions and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

We could not have reached these dizzy heights if we had not chosen Harley Street as the original location from which to grow our web design company. It says a lot don’t you think. There is no better way to learn about your customer than to walk in their shoes, live on their street and interact with them on a daily basis. We can all do research of course, read books, use Google and speak with those in the know, but you really cannot put a price on understanding your customer first hand. How successful would the ‘Wall Street Journal’ be if it were situated in Boston? Or indeed how many unsuccessful Jewellers do you know who are based in Hatton Garden? In 2012 we still hold the Harley Street office but only as our admin headquarters. Due to our continued expansion and an ever-increasing workforce, our web design and software development studios are now in North West London in much bigger premises.

The moral of the story here is; to fully understand your customers you need to walk work and even breathe with them, so, If you are looking for NHS web designers or for private hospital web designers, please drop us a line at any time. We are most probably just around the corner from you.

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