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You will find the KD Web team approachable and professional, we provide a premium service and the people you meet at the start of the project will be there to support you until the end.

Our London based team have been meticulously selected for their individual skills, talent, qualifications and experience. Our staff includes project managers, creative graphic designers, front and back end web developers, web analysts and search engine optimisation experts.

Unlike smaller digital agencies who generally use ‘jack of all trades’ to attempt to do everything digital, we utilise various teams of exceptional individuals, who are experts in their own respected fields with specialised skills. Designers work on design, programmers work on coding, internet marketing specialists work on SEO and clients directly deal with an agile or Prince2 project manager who will organise everything perfectly.

If we sound like good fit, why not get in touch to discuss your digital or internet marketing project today!

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Digital Project Manager

With a career spanning nearly two decades in creative and digital project management, Michael is both inspiring and a born organiser.

Michael holds an MA and a BA in Design, is a trained Agile Certified Practitioner whose excellent problem solving, communication and technical skills are highly regarded by our clients and team alike.

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Team Leader

Richard is a multi talented web developer who has been with KD Web since 2009. He loves open-source (especially Drupal) and holds a BSc in Software Design and an MSc in Information Technology Management.

When he isn't building websites or brushing up on new technologies he can (sometimes) be found on the squash court.

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Soniya has over 10 years’ experience at a commercial level and is a highly skilled web developer (especially front-end). Soniya has been with KD Web since 2010. She loves Typo3 and holds a Master of Computer Application (MCA) degree.

Her passions, alongside developing effective websites are shopping, playing Volleyball and collecting DVDs.

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Digital Sales Consultant

Sean has 25 years in advertising, media and strategy. He is passionate about all things digital and with 10 years of digital media consulting experience likes nothing better than delivering tangible strategic solutions for our clients.

In his spare time Sean enjoys cooking, live music, watching rugby and ‘trying’ to play golf.

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Office PA

Frankie is one of our newest team members, but she has quickly settled in and become a valuable asset to the company. As our office PA, she is responsible for much of the day-to-day running of the business, making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

She loves all types of music, but you can mostly find her singing along to her favourite 80’s classics! On weekends she enjoys chilling out with her lovely cat, Sofia.

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Business Development Consultant

With 8 years of Digital Marketing, Advertising & Client Relationship Management experience and her friendly and approachable attitude, Katie is able to form exceptional professional relationships whilst always ensuring she has full awareness of client’s needs as to deliver the best digital solution for their business. Katie loves shopping, music and holidays and struggles to say no to chocolate.

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Director of Operations

With  14 years’ experience in management and implementation of innovative software development projects, Dimitra is able to deliver successfully any project either web or mobile. She loves challenges and her affable personality makes her a joy to work with.

When she is not setting project milestones and deadlines, she is battling with wild plants in her backyard!

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Executive Operations Manager

As our Executive Operations Manager, Gemma looks after the daily operations of the office as well as being the brains of HR. 

First stepping onto the ice at the age of 3 and not really stepping back off it, she can still be found practicing Axel jumps at the local ice rink in the evenings.

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Alex is originally from Seville and started in graphic design world seven years ago.

He is passionate about everything related to design, photography, art, video and anything connected somehow to art.

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SEO & Content Executive

Luke’s passion for creative writing encouraged him to attain a BA in English Literature and Language so he could study how the greats became great. After taking an interest in the complexities of search engine optimisation, Luke is part of our Content Team where he gets to put his writing talents and digital marketing ability to good use.

Not only an avid wordsmith and SEO enthusiast, but an obsessive reader who also loves playing a few sets of tennis at his local courts when the weather permits it.

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SEO Content Manager

After graduating from her LLB in 2012 and her Master’s in Business Management in 2015, Ella has been working in Digital Marketing ever since. She is a valuable member of our SEO Team, implementing creative content strategies, building strong links for clients and managing multiple social media accounts.

In her spare time she enjoys going to gigs and festivals, watching trashy TV shows and travelling the world. She can also recite the words to every Drake song (important skills).

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Head of Accounts

Invoices, statements, numbers and calculations are a strange passion of Mike’s. With a degree in economics and many years of experience, Mike is the head of our accounts department.

He has been with KD Web for 5 years now, and has developed an odd habit of collecting multiple calculators on his desk.

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Office Puppy

Lili is an established member of the team at KD Web, with her lively and authoritative attitude, alongside her love for big cuddles, she’s the top dog in our agency, joining us in our meetings and team soirees.

She has a passion for food, sun and chasing birds in the park and playing fetch. When she’s not making our hearts melt, she can be found gnawing on her favourite fake bone.

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SEO Account Manager

With nearly 10 years of experience in SEO, Darren helps our clients to increase their organic visibility and ultimately their profits. Darren has worked with both B2B and B2C clients, in a range of industries including: technology, finance, travel, e-commerce and non-profit. Both technical and strategic in his approach, his SEO management style is based on data, analytics and competitive performance.

Darren is fully certified in Google Analytics, Mobile and Digital Sales, and as Darren’s hobby and passion is also tech, he keeps constantly current with the latest SEO trends, even in his spare time.

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Manoj Silva is an experienced developer who works on both front end and back end. He has been with KD web since 2011 and has a Bsc and an MSc in IT and loves working with TYPO3 and Magento.

Outside of work, like Bobby Cliff said - he don't like cricket, he love it!

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Creative Digital Designer

A Creative Digital Designer, Simeon is the artistic mastermind behind many of our unique web designs. After completing both a Masters in Digital Design and a BA in Visual Communications, Simeon has built up many years’ experience in this field in different countries around the globe before joining KD Web. He transcribes clients’ needs visually and uses cutting edge technology, including a high proficiency in Adobe Suite. He is passionate about UX, UI and the full creative visual experience of a website.

His hobbies includes oil painting and taking care of his cat.

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Office Manager

Being responsible for the day to day operation and management of the company can be a tricky affair for anyone, but with her passion for processes, business and people, she keeps our staff happy and KD Web running smoothly and efficiently, and does it all with a smile.

Siobhan can be found at the gym most evenings, spinning through classes and even practicing on her yoga poses. She also enjoys brunchin’, shopping and planning where on the globe she’ll end up next.

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Part-time Puppy

Diesel is a part-time member of the KD Web team and our friendly giant. A real people person, he laps up all kinds of attention. You’ll find him making himself at home in the studio whilst chewing anything he can get his paws on.

Renowned for his collection of ties and bowties, Diesel brings both class and style to the KD Web team.

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With a wealth of experience under his belt, including 8 years of front & backend and 7 years of Design, Arpad is a gifted member of staff. Aware that the web is constantly changing, he's dedicated to research and development to keep him on top of his game.

Not only is he a talented developer, he’s also a bit of a superstar singing and producing music with his band!

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Digital Project Manager

Enrico’s diverse background consists of website, film and television producing teamed up with digital advertising and marketing.

Priding himself on being an all-rounder, Enrico enjoys gym, music, and learning about everything and anything digital.

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Head of SEO

Our Head of SEO Barry, has over 20 years’ experience, submitting websites to search engines way before Google even existed. Barry has implemented and managed successful SEO and PPC campaigns for a vast range of clients, from SME’s to multinational organisations achieving some incredible number 1 ranking successes over multiple sectors. His SEO skillset and experience is invaluable and enables him to ensure our clients meet their digital marketing goals.

If you can’t find Barry’s head stuck in a golf magazine, you’ll find him practising his swing on a golf course.

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