Company Rescue

Project Type

Web Design, Development, Illustration




Professional Services


The Brief

  • Lightning fast. The new website must pass Google's Core Web Vitals with flying colours, to meet speed requirements for both user experience and SEO best practices.
  • Must retain all content, including the website structure to maintain SEO authority.
  • User-friendly CMS as the site is maintained by Company Rescue's in-house marketing team, with frequent additions to content.
  • Brand refresh to update the logo, colour palette, and illustrations on the website to give Company Rescue a new lease on life in 2024 and beyond.


Company Rescue is a leading insolvency consultancy with a great reputation and brand recognition in the industry. After several years, it was time for a brand refresh as well as a website redesign.


A key part of our design process is understanding which elements already exist and are successful, and identifying elements that need to evolve and change. Company Rescue's logo needed to be refreshed and simplified, while maintaining brand recognition; the new logo has a more dynamic layout but still keeps its core elements.

We modernised the colour palette, using cool blues and greens, which look calming and stable, representing the professional almost medical tone the company needs to convey - ‘rescue' is in the company name, after all. We used a bright orange as an accent colour for the brand, to highlight the urgency and seriousness of the assistance Company Rescue provides.

We also used illustrations as a key part of the brand's visual identity. Using the brand colours, we worked with the client to define a simple style for the illustrations that they loved. The illustrations are displayed throughout the site to highlight the potential journey that one of their clients could take with company rescue, helping them out of their tricky situation.


With nearly 30 years of experience, we specialize in creating SEO-integrated, lightning-fast websites, showcased by our exceptional WordPress projects. WordPress stands as the most popular CMS globally, with millions of websites using it WordPress is celebrated for its extensibility, robust security, and strong community support.

We elevate this foundation with our in-house system, enhancing the admin experience, adding custom security, and ensuring a tailored fit for our clients. Our development strategy includes hand-coding and selecting proven plugins, guaranteeing ease of use and optimisation tailored to each client's goals. Our cross-departmental collaboration ensures that our websites not only meet but exceed SEO benchmarks, achieve world-class page speeds, and maintain superior core web vitals scores, culminating in unique, high-performing digital experiences.


As requested, KD Web delivered a lightning-fast website, passing all Core Web Vitals, with a fresh design that delighted our client:

What Client say

KD Web delivered a site twice as fast as the old one with a CMS and back end is so flexible in its functionality that whatever I wanted the site to do I could make it happen. They have been responsive to our requests and a pleasure to work with. Our website at is one of the leading sources of information for worried directors of insolvent companies with several hundred pages covering quite complex and difficult topics. Every few years we do a full redesign of the site to keep it fresh and relevant. When we look for a designer (Agency) to do this work one of the principal requirements is that they understand the scope of the project and the complexity behind the backend that is necessary to deliver good relevant advice and encourage directors to call us. The site ranks well in Google so search engine friendliness and speed of the site is crucial to its success. When we chose KD WEB we were confident that they would be able to do this. We were proved right and more!

Robert MooreMarketing Manager