Connections That Count: Our Partners and Links

Partners & Links  

We appreciate the opportunity to support the sites listed below, and for this reason, we have dedicated this page to showcasing our partnerships. Each link represents a collaboration that we value deeply, reflecting our commitment to enhancing online experiences across various sectors.  


LondonTrials – 

A leading facilitator of paid clinical trials in the UK, offering a wide range of studies in various medical fields. Whether you’re looking for clinical trials near you or want to contribute to medical research, LondonTrials connects volunteers with reputable studies, ensuring safety and professionalism throughout your trial experience. 

London Women’s Centre – 

A premier clinic specialising in women’s health, offering consultations with a private gynaecologist in London. With a focus on minimally invasive procedures, they offer, among others, laparoscopy, treatment for vaginal atrophy, and the LLETZ procedure, delivering compassionate care and expert treatment. 

Clinica London – 

A top-rated Eye Clinic in London, known for its comprehensive eye care services and aesthetic treatments. They specialise in Chalazion removal in London and innovative Ultherapy treatment for facial rejuvenation, providing patients with high-quality care and state-of-the-art treatments. 


FundCalibre – 

An independent fund research firm, helping investors identify the best investment trusts, global equity funds, and best mutual funds in the UK. With a rigorous selection process, they provide valuable insights and ratings to guide your investment choices. 


Bifold Door Factory – 

A leading supplier of high-quality bifold doors, including Cortizo bifold doors and  Schüco bifold doors. Specialising in bespoke solutions for homes and businesses, they offer expert advice, installation services, and a wide range of products to enhance your space. 


Assosia – 

Offers cutting-edge retail analysis and pricing tools for businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of the retail market. With a focus on delivering actionable insights, Assosia helps brands optimise their pricing strategies and understand market dynamics. 

Kahootz – 

A leading provider of cloud collaboration and online collaboration tools which enable teams and organisations to work together more effectively, regardless of location. Their secure platforms facilitate communication, project management, and information sharing, driving productivity and innovation. 


Westminster Insight – 

A prominent provider of education conferences and public sector events in the UK. By offering a platform for dialogue and learning, they contribute to professional development and policy discussion across various sectors. 

Gentlevan Removals – 

Specialises in stress-free relocations, offering comprehensive services for removals to Spain and across Europe. With a commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction, they ensure a smooth and efficient moving experience for all clients.