Hammersmith Medicines Research

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The Brief

Hammersmith Medical Research Centre is a well-known pharmaceutical drug trial name in the UK. HMR rely on driving eligible patients for drug trials to help pharmaceutical companies test and approve drugs and medicine. The booking team at HMR have faced some stiff challenges in finding potential candidates given the complex procedures and laws in the UK on pharmaceutical testing. The HMR team tried numerous marketing channels to generate the high number of trialists needed, but with a cost per lead coming in at over £100, they found their efforts were not sustainable or effective.

Our Approach

The KD team reviewed all the performance data and analysed how potential online users would find their way to becoming potential trial patients. Our strategy was to make sure HMR was visible at every step of that journey to catch potential candidates and drive enquiries with our extensive PPC campaigns. With consistent optimising and fine-tuning, the team produced outstanding enquiry numbers.

The Results

The Results
(October 2023):

In a snapshot of a two-year period (Jan 2020 to Dec 2022), our PPC campaign produced unbelievable results:




Cost per enquiry


Cost per enquiry reduction


Overall Spend