Logic Vending

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The Brief

A client for over a decade, Logic Vending is one of the top commercial coffee machine and catering equipment suppliers in the UK with an impressive track record for the last few decades. Over time, the rankings for Logic Vending have become impeccable, ranking in top positions in Google for almost every key area of the business. This made improving the rankings incredibly difficult and raised the larger issue of competition chasing after their top spots.

Our Approach

To find new ways to keep growing and to ward competitors, our team worked extensively on analysing competitors' strategies and approaches to identify their SEO intentions before they impacted Logic Vending. The team would identify if a competitor’s new website designs, content updates, or link-building actions would give them an edge over Logic Vending and if so, would quickly counter with SEO activities of their own to match or exceed the competition. Like a never-ending game of chess, SEO is a skilled pursuit we love to win!

The Results

The Results

With these actions, we can see in a period of six months vs the previous period (Jan 2022 - June 2022 vs. 4th Jul - 31st Dec 2021) the SEO team pulled off great results with:


Organic traffic


Organic leads
and conversions


Keywords reaching
first pages in Google

Current Data

As of October 2023 Logic Vending continues to hold 1st - 2nd position rankings in all critical keyword areas.

UX Design

The Goal

Increase conversions and improve the look and feel of key landing pages. Simple as that! When you already hold the top spot and business is going well, what can you do but continue to look for areas of improvement.

Our Approach

We brought our UX design team and our UX for SEO specialist together to brainstorm, with a focus on increasing conversions for key landing pages. Using a combination of tools from several SEO analytics to heatmapping the landing pages to analys user behaviour we pin pointed areas for improvement on the customer journey.

The Results

Combining our Graphic design, SEO, and UX design expertise, we've given their product and listing pages a fresh new look and vibe, while improving the user experience and increasing conversions.

As of October 2023, top marks from the project include a whopping 31.2% boost in organic goal completions, 937 brand spanking new keywords (with over 130 in the top 3 spots), a 14.2% jump in new users, and a 27.5% rise in the average session duration!

We've made sure their website runs like a charm on mobiles, giving users a great browsing experience on the go. Our dedicated hosting and support services have been the trusty backbone for their digital setup, keeping things ticking smoothly.

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