The Ezra Clinic

Project Type







The Brief

Daniel Ezra has been a client with KD since 2017. After growing the SEO on his website to promote him as one of the World’s Leading Oculoplastic Surgeons, Daniel Ezra wanted to focus on increasing his brand within London and building a stronger local voice.

Our Approach

Focusing on two things: Location and transactional, end of funnel keywords. UK and London and UK end of funnel Keywords.

The Results

After implementing the re-optimisation and strategy plans from a time period of June 2021 - June 2022 vs. the previous period resulted in:


Organic traffic


Organic leads


SEO Rankings in the UK


After many years at the top, in 2023 it was time for a brand refresh, with the inevitable update to the website and all other marketing materials. As always looking for ways to increase conversions is at the forefront of our digital strategy focus.

Our Approach


With in-depth consultation with the client and their in house marketing team we began by breathing fresh life into the Logo and and brand guidelines.

UX Design

Bringing our SEO copywriters, UX for SEO specialist, design teams, and of course our client’s marketing together we revamped the look and structure of their landing pages.

The Results (October 2023):


organic enquiries


SEO users